Psuedo-Italian and my fight against it

People always ask me how I make my gravy (sauce for you Irish and beyond). I do give up the recipe to a few deserving people here and there. However, most people don't actually want the recipe, they just want something close to it. So therefore, I have decided to go on an unwanted journey of sorts.

Every week or so I will go against everything I stand for and select a jarred sauce (notice I don't call that crap gravy) and/or some sort of Italian dish whether it be frozen or packaged.

I will take one for the team and go on the quest for you, my readers. Beings that I am the best Italian cook I know, I figure I should be the one to taste test the stuff and see if it's passable or not.

I started tonight. My son was horrified as I took out the jarred sauce. He even asked, "what is THAT?". I told him we were taking one for the team. He didn't seem too happy. :-/

I went to ShopRite and looked upon the jars and jars of sauce. I finally selected one from DeCecco. I really like DeCecco pasta versus all other dried boxed pastas, so I figured it would be a decent brand to start with.

The jarred sauce I selected was DeCecco Pomodor e Basilico. I cracked open the jar and gave it the smell test. It reeked of acidity and I knew it wasnt going to be good by the color of it as well. I poured it in a pot. It was thick and chunky, which I expected from a Pomodoro sauce. I let it heat through and tasted it. It was god awful. No flavor whatsoever and entirely too thick. I had no choice but to doctor it up. I threw in a beef boullion cube to attempt to give it a slow cooked taste and put a half of a jar of hot water. It certainly didnt need any salt. Honestly, I don't know what I could have done to make this sauce even hold a toenail to some good old Sunday gravy. I give it two thunmbs down, and possibly two feet down. Do not buy this sauce.

I went even further and decided to buy some frozen raviolis. I purchased Gina Italian Village Large Round Cheese Raviolis. I cooked them in salted boiling water. Waited for them to float and dished them up to serve with that ridiculous excuse for a sauce. The dough was tough. There was absolutely NO flavor in the filling. They had a less than average amount of filling (thank god for that) and used WAY too much oregano in the filling. I still don't think my son will ever forgive me. Do not buy THIS product either. You will be wasting your time and money, and possibly the lining of your stomach.

All in all, I would not recommend either of these products to even my worst enemy. I have nothing good to say about it.

Thank God I made a steak on the side. At least we had SOMETHING decent to eat tonight.

I will keep plugging along. If anyone has a product that they think is good and would like me to try to rate its authenticity, by all means comment away and I will try it.

Next week, I think I will try one of those Bertolli lasagnas my neighbor keeps bragging about.

I hope my son doesn't pack his bags and leave me during this experiment.


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