Pepperoni French Bread Pizza

I'm not big on frozen foods.  I try to make everything I can homemade.  First of all it's cheaper.  Secondly, I know what is in it and can control things like salt, seasonings and in this case, maximum cheesyness.  (For the record, I'm aware "cheesyness" is not really a word, but I do what I want.)

Also, aside from cheese, my other great love is bread.  There is a produce depot right by my house which gets some of the crustiest brick oven bread delivered daily.  I mean, its a foodgasm no doubt.  If you are fortunate enough to be in the area and have a "Produce Junction" by you, go get that bread.  It's $3.00 a loaf and its HUGE.  I highly recommend.

Anyway, I find myself trying to use the bread in anyway I can.  With dinner, before dinner, crostini, paninno, etc.

I had some pepperoni left over from a little get together I had at my house and of course, my beloved bread.  So I slapped some ingredients on there, and once again, I amazed myself at the deliciousness of such simplicity.  I am giving you the recipe for 4 mini pizzas, but you can really add or subtract to make as many as you want!  They are so addictive!  They would be GREAT for an appetizer for game day or whenever!

Pepperoni French Bread Pizza

Serves - 4
Prep Time - 10 minutes
Bake Time - 5-8 minutes
Total Time - 15-18 minutes

4 thick slices crusty hearty day old bread
Extra virgin olive oil
salt/pepper, q.b.
2 cloves of garlic, whole, peeled
8 cherry tomatoes sliced 1/8 thick
16 slices of pepperoni
4 thick slices of fresh mozzarella
pinch of hot pepper seeds
4 scallions chopped
parmigiano reggiano


Preheat your oven to 450 degrees.

Slice 4 thick slices of your crusty, hearty, day old bread.

Brush with extra virgin olive oil on both sides.  Sprinkle a little salt and freshly ground black pepper onto the bread and place directly on the oven rack for 1-2 minutes.

Remove from the oven and rub the whole peeled garlic on the warm bread.

Top each slice of bread with the fresh mozzarella, sliced cherry tomatoes, pepperoni, hot pepper seeds and scallions.  Drizzle a little more olive oil on top and place on a baking rack for 5-6 minutes until the cheese is hot and bubbly.

Top with parmigiano and enjoy!!!

Krissi Biasiello is a native of South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Cooking since she was a little girl with her large Italian family, she decided to leave her paralegal job and shoot for the stars on FOX’s cooking competition show, MasterChef.  She beat out 43,000 homecooks across America and came in 4th place.  Under the scrutiny of Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich, Krissi has made her mark in the culinary world.  She now shares her recipes with all of you!  Her rustic, homestyle take on everything will win you over and will definitely “get your asses in the kitchen”. 

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