American Beef Stew

Okay, so I did something crazy.  Something I NEVER do.  Like, I turn my nose up at people who do it.  Something I stomp my feet about and take a firm stance on.  Something that I would be embarrassed to even say I did..............until now.

You're probably thinking, sheesh, what did she do commit murder or something?  No.

I used a packet of onion soup mix.  Two, in fact.  

I know, I was pretty upset about it too.  But in the best interests of my blog, I have agreed to go where no Krissi has gone before and try and test new recipes that are budget friendly, quick, easy and absolutely delicious.  So I took one for the team and I am very happy to say, that I was more than pleasantly surprised.  

I may just start thinking of new ways to use onion soup mix with a few things...............  Okay, I probably won't.  I mean let's not get TOO crazy here.  

Anyhoo, in my family our beef stew is always "red style" with tomato paste.  I wanted a more traditional flavor with a brown gravy.  I scoured over tons of recipes until I found a combination I was happy with.  You will be happy with it too.  Because it is AMAZEBALLS.  Don't scoff at the onion soup mix.  It literally makes this dish.  Trust me!

So here it is in all of it's glory.  I know you and your family will fall in love with this recipe.  I have, and I will be making it often.

American Beef Stew


2 ½ lbs of cubed stew beef
1 cup of cornstarch
1 TBSP onion powder
½ TBSP garlic powder
1 TBSP salt
1 TBSP black pepper
4 TBSP extra virgin olive oil
1 large onion, diced
3 cloves garlic, minced
5 cups of water
2 packets of onion soup mix
2 stalks celery in 2 inch pieces
4 carrots in 2 inch pieces
6 medium red potatoes quartered
2 TBSP butter
1 TBSP Worcestershire sauce
Salt/pepper to taste
Scallions for garnish (optional)


In a medium bowl combine the cornstarch, onion powder, garlic powder, salt and pepper.  Mix well to distribute seasoning evenly.

Dredge the beef cubes into the cornstarch mixture, shaking off excess.  Set aside.

In a heavy bottomed soup pot, heat 4 TBSP of extra virgin olive oil. 

In batches, brown the beef cubes.  Do not crowd the pan.  Take the time and do small batches to get the cubes to really brown up nice.  Set aside on a plate to collect any juices that run out. 

Using the oil in the bottom of the same soup pot, throw in your onion and garlic to cook over medium heat until translucent. 

Add 5 cups of water and the onion soup mix.  Mix well and bring to a boil, then reduce heat down to a very low simmer. 

Add the browned beef, the celery, carrots and potatoes.  Do not worry if the liquid does not cover all of your vegetables – everything will cook down. 

Add 1 TBSP of Worcestershire sauce. 

Pop the lid on and let that baby cook for 2 ½ hours on low, stirring occasionally.

I like to serve this with some crusty bread and butter.  Try out my Homemade Artisinal Bread recipe and really make ‘em go MMMMMMMMM  

Krissi Biasiello is a native of South Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  Cooking since she was a little girl with her large Italian family, she decided to leave her paralegal job and shoot for the stars on FOX’s cooking competition show, MasterChef.  She beat out 43,000 homecooks across America and came in 4th place.  Under the scrutiny of Gordon Ramsay, Graham Elliot and Joe Bastianich, Krissi has made her mark in the culinary world.  She now shares her recipes with all of you!  Her rustic, homestyle take on everything will win you over and will definitely “get your asses in the kitchen”. 

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